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PPC Affiliate Programs That You Can Make Successful Use of in 2020

Affiliate marketing has become a way for people to earn passive income with minimal effort. PPC affiliate programs have been around for a while, but now that more and more people are getting used to working online, the practice has surged in popularity. 

If you have a good network of people, a popular blog or website, or a solid digital presence, you can make money with PPC affiliate programs.

Are you interested in learning how PPC affiliate marketing works, and the best programs you can use to get started? You’ve come to the right place. We’re going to tell you everything you need to know. 

What Are PPC Affiliate Programs?

In order to understand PPC affiliate marketing, you need to know a little about PPC advertising.

PPC stands for pay-per-click, and it refers to a type of online advertising that marketers can use to promote businesses, products, and services. It’s an affordable way to do marketing since advertisers only have to pay when someone interacts with an ad. 

When you become a pay per click affiliate, you post PPC ads and content for other people on your website or digital property. You receive revenue depending on the actions visitors take. 

There are three main types of PPC affiliate programs people can use: pay per impression, pay per lead, and pay per action. 

If you use a pay per impression affiliate, the money you earn is based on the number of impressions you get from ads. This type of program can work very well for niche websites that have a targeted audience.

Pay per lead ads focus on getting a visitor to take certain action with an ad, usually filling out a form with contact information. 

Pay per action programs are similar to lead programs, but the visitor isn’t limited to providing contact information. They may download a program, become a referred member of a network, or interact with an ad in some other way. 

Some affiliate marketers may choose to focus on making money through one kind of ad, others may use a combination of different programs. The kind of PPC program you choose will be up to your personal preference. 

The Best PPC Affiliate Programs for 2020

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Since PPC affiliate programs have grown in popularity over the years, it’s not difficult to find an affiliate marketing program. However, it can be difficult to find one that’s worth your time. 

You don’t want to waste your time with an affiliate program that doesn’t produce results. That’s why we’re going to do the hard work for you and recommend programs that have been proven to make money for people. 

This list will serve as your guide in the PPC affiliate marketing world. Some platforms will specialize in traditional PPC content and ads, others will focus on referrals, and some will do a combination of both.

If you’re ready to join a PPC affiliate program, consider signing up for any of the following services. 


If you have a lot of connections to bloggers and influencers, you should consider signing up for RevenueHits.

The RevenueHits referral program is easy. You refer people like other marketers and bloggers to sign up for the program for free. You end up earning 10% of their income for a year after sign up. 

There is a tiered income level that the program follows, but if you get enough sign-ups the money can essentially make itself with minimal work from you. 

Like many affiliate programs, success is a numbers game. The more people you get to sign up and utilize your unique URL and referral code, the more money you’ll be able to make. 

Since this program relies on building a network of people, it may not be the best for people that are completely new to the affiliate marketing world. Seasoned marketers that have a lot of connections could see this as a great way to earn more passive income

RevenueHits is completely free to join, and you can start earning money as soon as your account is ready. 


Are you interested in making money from PPC affiliate program, but want to find ways to earn money that goes beyond the traditional ad? If so, you should consider signing up for Bidvertiser.

Bidvertiser is a direct advertising network that lets you utilize a variety of formats to earn money from PPC. You can use PPC ads, and you can also monetize toolbars, mobile apps, extensions, search, domains, and more.

One of the big benefits of using Bidvertiser is that the platform has a very low minimum payout limit. Your site could only bring in as little as $10 and you can still get paid!

It’s a good platform for people that are new to the game and want to experiment with different ad formats. You can use sliders, smart links, programmatic ads, display banners, and more with Bidvertiser.

If you want to get started all you have to do is sign up to become a publisher on the platform. It’s free to start, and setting up your account can be done within a matter of minutes.

CJ Affiliate

This site isn’t exactly a single affiliate program, but it can help you discover plenty of different affiliate programs so it’s worth mentioning on this list. 

CJ Affiliate (which used to go by the name of Commission Junction) is one of the oldest and most trusted advertising platforms available to marketers. Their affiliate network can set you up with countless PPC advertisers.

You can find affiliate programs for nearly any niche and industry you can think of. It’s a great place for beginners to discover new programs and for seasoned affiliate marketers to expand their reach. 


If you want a way to get familiar with all of the main forms of PPC affiliate programs, ShareASale could be the platform you’re looking for. 

This program offers pay-per-click (PPC), pay-per-lead (PPL), and pay-per-sale (PPS) programs. They work with both affiliate marketers and merchants so you have a very wide network to collaborate with.

It’s a great way to try your luck with referral programs. If you do refer people, you’ll get a percentage of that affiliate’s future earnings along with periodic bonuses. 

The sign-up process is relatively simple, and you can start making money as soon as your account is ready. 


If you have a blog or website that gets a lot of traffic, Adsterra could be the best affiliate marketing program for you.

If you get at least 50,000 visitors a month you can become an Adsterra publisher. The bar for entry may seem high, but the potential results you could get from being part of their network can be worth it.

Adsterra has only been around since 2013, but it has become one of the most trusted PPC affiliate marketing programs around. People rave about their customer service and the results they get from their services. 

The platform has a very robust targeting system. You can choose to target people by their location, language, device/operating system, keywords, browser, and more. 


Do you want to focus on making money from referrals? If so, Skimlinks is the program for you. 

They offer some of the best rates for referrals. Most programs will give you 5% or 10% of revenue from referrals, but Skimlinks offers an impressive 35% for each publisher you refer.

Skimlinks makes it pretty easy for you to advertise that you’re a part of their network. After you get set up, they give you a lot of helpful promotional materials like banner ads, badges, and text you can use to encourage sign-ups. 


Infolinks uses smart ad unit targeting that helps show extremely relevant ads on your website. They have a very large pool of advertisers to choose from, and they give you access to a lot of different ad formats you can use on your website. 

Their mobile ads can be particularly useful for people that attract a lot of mobile traffic to their site. They’re already properly optimized so you won’t have to worry about doing a lot of work to ensure that they’re up and running properly. 

Their referral program is also pretty robust. On top of the ads you’re running, you can earn 10% of any referrals you bring in for 12 months. Like Skimlinks they do offer people a very robust selection of premade content you can use to attract referrals. 

The platform works like most others. You’ll get a unique referral ID after signing up, and once your account is live you’ll get access to their platform, along with their active real-time site counter and helpful reports.


In terms of potential reach, Adblade can’t be beaten. Their massive ad network has access to over 300 million users, and they’re used on over 300,000 websites. If you want to start off by casting a wide net, Adblade is the program for you. 

The PPC affiliate network has a very robust tracking and reporting system. They offer real-time reporting so you can easily track your click-through rate, impressions, CPAs, CPCs, and more. 

Nearly anyone can find success on this platform, but it can be especially helpful for people that want to improve their analytics and tracking skills.  

The only drawback of the platform is that it doesn’t allow payouts if you make less than $100, so it does have a rather high threshold for getting paid. It may not be the best platform for beginners, but people that know the PPC strategy could greatly benefit from using Adblade.


MintClicks is one of the simplest affiliate programs you can choose and could be ideal for beginners.

Most of the programs on this list focus on generating money from actions, sign-ups, or referrals, but with MintClick you make your money through website traffic. 

They still offer PPC ads and referral revenue, but they’re one of the few platforms where you can just earn money through clicks. This could be an ideal setup for someone that has a successful blog or website but doesn’t know a lot about affiliate marketing.

Signing up is simple, you can start making money as soon as your account is live.


Outbrain has been around since 2006, and in that time it has become a PPC affiliate stand by for content marketers. If you love to write or promote great content on your website, Outbrain is the affiliate program for you.

The size of their network may be one of the main reasons why some people choose to work with them. They boast of generating around 290 billion discoveries a month, and that they have over 55 countries in their network. 

The beauty of the platform is that they give you so many different ways to optimize your content and make money. The platform offers audience change, lookalike audiences, native engagement serves, traffic shaping, and more.

Outbrain also offers in-feed ads that can help boost your reach on social media, along with search and promoted listings. It’s also a great platform for people that specialize in video content since they offer video recommendations. 

This is the best platform for people that already have a high traffic website or blog. If people aren’t clicking or visiting, it can be very difficult to make any meaningful money on the platform.

Start Your Affiliate Marketing Hustle Today

Now that you’ve read this post, you know everything you need to know to choose the best PPC affiliate programs around. Regardless of if you’re an affiliate marketing beginner or just want to find new platforms, you can easily find a program that suits your needs on this list.

Are you eager to learn other ways to earn passive income? Do you want to take a deeper dive into the world of affiliate marketing and learn new ways to improve your work? 

If you feel like you’re primed to take the next step, you’re ready to start reading my ultimate guide for affiliate marketers. Download the free ebook today and start learning the right way to effectively join the affiliate marketing game. 

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