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Pinterest Affiliate Marketing: How to Turn Pins Into Profit (Guide)

In today’s world, social media is one of the best ways to market a product. Most of the time companies themselves aren’t marketing their products but users such as teenagers and stay at home parents are through the affiliate links.

When someone uses an affiliate link to market they are putting products in front of their followers that will make their lives easier and also put a few extra bucks in their pockets. One of the most effective ways to do affiliate marketing is through Pinterest. To find out more about Pinterest affiliate marketing and for a few tips on how to get started, keep reading below. 

What Is Pinterest Affiliate Marketing?

Pinterest affiliate marketing is when you recommend products on Pinterest through posts or pins for all your followers to see. When you recommend or post a product the goal is to get your followers to buy the product being broadcasted.

When a follower buys the product you are promoting then you will get a percentage of the sale or commission. This is an ideal marketing tactic because it doesn’t cost the reader anything and there are no penalties if they end up not buying the product. Overall this is a win-win situation because the viewer will buy something they want or is interested in and you will get paid.

How Do I Add Affiliate Links To My Pinterest?

Now that you know there really isn’t any loss to affiliate links on your Pinterest, let’s talk about how you can add them to your pins. The whole process is fairly easy and will only take you a few minutes.

First, you will create a pin just like you would any other pin on the platform. All you have to do is navigate to your profiles page and click on the little plus sign under the search bar and select Create Pin.

Give your pin a title and fill in its description. After this, all you will have to do is add a picture and your affiliate link.

Now you should be associated with a company or affiliate program so you can use a link and get paid. Also, before you put your affiliate link on your pin make sure that it is okay and not violating any guidelines.

After you’ve cleared everything and made sure that you can put your affiliate link on the pin, copy the URL you’d like to link or use. Then place your affiliate link in the destination link section of the pin template.

If you’re having trouble finding a photo to include with your pin be sure to check out stock photo websites. If you can use the product you’re trying to get your followers to buy as the picture that’s even better but should be approved by the company or business. 

Top Tips for Pinterest Affiliate Marketing That Anyone Can use

Now that you know how easy it is to do affiliate marketing through Pinterest, it may be something you begin to do regularly. To help you be successful in your marketing tactics we have come up with a few tips

Tip #1: Be Sure To Recommend Relevant Products

To be the most effective you can be when it comes to your Pinterest affiliate marketing you should be promoting relevant products to your followers. For example, if your followers are really into your original recipes they may be confused and not buy the eyeshadow you’re promoting.

The best way to make money from affiliate marketing and for it to be effective is to identify your niche and market products and services that fall within it. You will also want to offer your followers things that they will find helpful. 

Tip #2: Try Test Linking To Find The Best Way To Market

Test linking is useful to help you see how you will get the most sales with your affiliate linking program. The best way to do this is to link directly to the affiliate product through Pinterest and then on your website or blog (if you have one) link directly to a buying guide or review.

To properly pull data you will need to properly track the clicks but this won’t be too hard to do since your website host will track how many clicks you get on that specific link and the money you get from your Pinterest link will help you determine the successful clicks. If you don’t want to wait until payday to get your Pinterest data, most affiliate programs offer real-time tracking for your links.

We recommend comparing a month’s worth of clicks for both URLs to see what does better. If you get more clicks on Pinterest then you know that you won’t have to put the links on your website to get the most money. If your site has the most links then put your affiliate link on your website to get the best cash out. 

Tip #3: Remember To Be Transparent With Your Followers

Being transparent with your followers is one of the most important things when it comes to affiliate links. Also, most places that you will team with to get your affiliate links will make it a rule that you disclose your partnership to your followers.

This transparency will let your followers know they trust you and that if they are using the link they are supporting you. Most people don’t have an issue with this but you don’t want to lose your affiliate status for running into that one person that gets irked that you weren’t transparent. 

Also with Pinterest, there is no link cloaking allowed. This means you can’t hyperlink and try to cover up the address. Pinterest says that users should know where they are going, so if you try to hide your partnership you won’t get too far.

Just save the headache and the hassle and be transparent. People will appreciate if you’re straight up with them over being shady. 

How Do I Grow My Pinterest Following Fast?

Now that you know how affiliate links can benefit you and your followers and how to implement them in your pins you may be asking yourself, “How do I grow my following?” Besides, if you don’t have a decent number of followers chances are that you won’t be making a decent amount of money through your affiliate link. Below you will find a few tips on how to create a Pinterest that will have followers in no time.

Tip #1: Make Your Pinterest Authentic

If you’re creating a Pinterest just to do affiliate marketing, you can’t just begin by posting all your affiliate links at once. You should be putting the time and effort into creating an authentic profile so people will be inclined to follow you and not think you’re just a marketing robot.

The first thing you’ll want to do is create a few boards that are distinctive and are associated with your niche. We usually say that 8 to 10 different boards are a good starting point.

Remember that these boards shouldn’t be random. They should show you have a range of interests within your niche and relate to the followers you want. 

To create a board go to your profile and select the plus icon. Here you will be given the option to create a new board. From here you will be prompted to name your board.

Now it’s time to start adding pins. You can look up things related to your board or use applications to speed up the process by pinning in mass numbers. After you have created your boards and added at least 20 pins to each, it’s time to get some followers.

Tip #2: Watch the Followers Roll In

There are two ways that you will be able to get followers fast. The first is to follow other people and the second is to repin popular content. 

When following others you can look at their boards and get some more pins to beef up yours. Remember that you should be following those in your niche or close to your niche to get attention. By following people that are similar to your niche it will help you to come off as authentic.

Now that you’ve followed some people it’s time to repin popular things. To see what pins have been popular, go to the search bar and search for a topic in your niche. Any of the top pins that pop up in your search are or have been successful which means you should repin them. 

The best way to get momentum on Pinterest is to pin anywhere from 30-50 pins a day for a few weeks. This should be a mix of popular and non-popular pins. 

After a few weeks, you will see your follower count begin to rise. Once you hit the 200 follower threshold then you can start pinning your affiliate links. 

Tip #3: Scale It Up

Now that you’ve gained some traction and have a decent amount of followers, you may want to scale up your presence. To do so, you will have to start joining group boards. This will help you to appear more authentic and help to get you even more followers.

Group boards are boards that several people can join and all contribute pins to. Since you are collaborating the other pinner’s followers will see your profiles and pins added to the board, hopefully getting you a few more followers. 

Whenever you pin on your group board any one of the other member’s followers will see the activity, no matter who it comes from. This is a great way to give your profile more exposure to people you may have not reached before.

So Why Should You Use Pinterest To Market?

If you’re not onboard with affiliate marketing through Pinterest yet, we have a few more things to say to give you that final push. First off, we know this isn’t the easy way to market because you will spend a lot of time building your profile, but in the long run, it will pay off.

Once you get a few hundred followers and build up your profile you will be seeing your commission rise. Just think of it as running a marathon. The longer you pin and the more you pin the more money you will see.

Also, Pinterest is a strong marketing platform because it doesn’t have restrictive algorithms like Facebook or crazy prices for ads like Twitter. The best part about Pinterest is that you don’t need to buy ads to get your products more exposure, you just need to have enough followers.

Overall Pinterest requires less money than other social media platforms when it comes to marketing in general, especially affiliate marketing. It also takes little practice to get the hang of and will leave you with effective campaigns and hefty commissions. 

Now It’s Time To Get Your Affiliate Links On Pinterest

You now know the ins and outs of Pinterest affiliate marketing. Now it’s time to get your affiliate links together and start creating pins to earn your commission. If you don’t have a Pinterest account no worries, we have provided you with the easiest and fastest way to make an authentic account so you can start marking your affiliate links fast. 

For more affiliate marketing tips and tricks be sure to check out the rest of our website here

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