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How to Make Money With Legendary Marketer: A Helpful Review

The wide world of digital business has only grown over the past few years, offering tantalizing opportunities and high profits. Getting into that wide world is a different matter. 

Whether you are a veteran to the business world or brand new, there is always more education you can get to master the digital business world. Legendary Marketer is the tool you will need to succeed.

What is Legendary Marketer? Is it worth the investment? If you’re eager to find out, we are eager to tell you the truth. Let’s get to it. 

What is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is a powerful training program that takes anyone from clueless business newbie right into potent online marketers. It is a combination of products that give you detailed steps from basic training to expert-level advice. 

Crafted by David Sharpe, Legendary Marketer is a product of his years of experience and learning. Legendary Marketer pours in hours of detailed video training and personalized coaching to share that experience and learning with you.

Is Legendary Marketer Right for You? 

The focus of Legendary Marketer is on beginner and intermediate marketers. Legendary Marketer covers a lot of basic foundation work on the road to owning and managing your own online business.

If you are a veteran to the online marketing business, you may not get as much out of the education this product is providing. If you are a returning veteran who has been out of the loop for a few years, though, then this is a great step back in.

The biggest draw of Legendary Marketer for many is not the educational items. Legendary Marketer provides one of the most powerful affiliate programs around. 

The live events and in-depth blueprints give you access to a treasure trove of affiliate commissions. Through these, anyone can get a bonus from Legendary Marketer. 

The Legendary Marketer Pricing and Products

To get a full grip on the exact process that Legendary Marketer provides you, we need to delve into what is in the Legendary Marketer package. You can buy each product as separate items if you wish to test the waters.

While the initial purchases, such as the eBook, run very little money-wise, the potent affiliate programs will be the major investment. They range from $2500 to $30,000.

Other tools come with and are great items to have for any marketer. The Traffic Rolodex and Business Blueprints give you a unique edge for organization and connections. 

1. Legendary eBook

For some quality reading on quality online marketing practices, the Legendary Marketer ebook is a great catch. This is the cheapest item on the list at $1.99 and if nothing else is a great pickup for those interested in online marketing. 

Unlike its physical predecessor, the ebook updates with new techniques and industry shifts. This is essential, as few industries change as fast as online marketing. 

The book contains lots of value, most of which are practical tips for any level of online marketing. You can use the ebook as a reference guide for many fundamentals to the online marketing process.

As well, with the purchase of the ebook, you also get access to the great 15-day online business builder challenge. 

2. 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge

The core of the Legendary Marketer, the 15-day online business builder challenge will tune your skills and push you from humble beginnings to becoming a master. 

The challenge consists of 15 video lessons put over 15 days. Each of them builds off of each other to provide an easy to follow guide on the foundations of online marketing.

What adds the most to this already value-packed challenge is the inclusion of a personal business coach. The coach is on call through the challenge to help you with any confusion you might have.

This challenge is the start of the real power of the Legendary Marketer, which is to provide you with the support and community to push off into your own online business success. 

3. Legendary Marketers Club

Now getting into the big meat of the Legendary Marketer, the Legendary Marketers Club is a service with a month-to-month subscription fee that provides you with more video training and webinars that keep the value coming.

The Legendary Marketers Club offers a number of interviews with industry professionals, such as myself, that covers their personal ideas and methods towards online success.

There are also a number of video lessons that advance right where the 15-day challenge left off. The topics range from YouTube marketing to Sales.

Each week, they add an extra webinar video from Matt Heltzel. Heltzel is a Legendary trainer and has a very enviable experience record.

Even if you feel like you have a good hang on online marketing, the sheer variety of topics can help bring you something new. 

4. Traffic Rolodex

Traffic is the lifeblood of anything related to online marketing. You need to get people to see your advertisements and connect with your affiliates. The Traffic Rolodex is the next step in Legendary Marketer’s platform to focus on getting you that traffic.

The Traffic Rolodex is more intense training, this time with a tighter focus on the fundamentals behind traffic in relation to your business operations. 

The training videos all come from an additional company that goes by the name AdSkills. They offer a wide variety of traffic-related training programs that sell as a bundle for $5,000. With the Traffic Rolodex, you get it for only $247. 

AdSkills is a company that has a strong specialization in paid advertising. Their founder, Justin Brooke, sculpted his own digital ad agency from scratch, making millions of dollars for all of his clients. 

The Rolodex covers a large variety of social media and popular internet traffic areas. Everything from YouTube to Facebook gets treatment, even including some obscure and often forgotten areas. 

5. Business Blueprints

Moving on to the higher end items, the Business Blueprints covers the 4 major high-ticket business models. These business models are affiliate marketing, digital products, events and masterminds, and coaching and consulting. 

First mentioned in Day 2 of the 15-day challenge, these structures form the basics of what David Sharpe considers the best online business models. They meet the basic criteria for a constant flow of progress and profit.

The blueprints that help you to understand and implement these business models are in-depth deep dives into each business model. The blueprints have both video format and written documents, making them potent reference guides as well. 

The blueprints cost $2,500 each, but with the Legendary Marketer program, you can get all 4 for the same price. 

These blueprints start the real educational push from foundational novice to specialized expert. Even with only 1 blueprint, you can craft a potent business model of your own!

6. Live Events

The final product in the Legendary Marketer collection are tickets for the live events hosted by Legendary themselves. These events take the entirety of the core foundations and provide them in one extravagant event. 

The biggest draw of these events is a chance to meet not only the trainers and presenters in person but to also mingle and network with the hundreds of other Legendary Marketer’s Club members.

These events provide a chance to dig into the industry face to face, as well as catch any potent details you may be missing. 

Breaking Down Legendary Marketer’s Value

With an understanding of what is in the system and what they can provide, what do we take away from the Legendary Marketer’s creation? 

1. High-Value Training

The training is the biggest plus of the system and the heart of Legendary Marketer’s goal. The 15-day challenge is a great step-by-step guide through the concepts and the additional videos let you master your craft.

Even the few initial videos can give the newest of online business owners a chance to grasp new concepts and push their business in the right area. 

The club gives you a consistent stream of extra, high-quality training, keeping the potent training courses from drying up. It is easy to feel the fresh content and stay engaged.

2. Powerful Affiliate System

For affiliate marketing, there are fewer systems more streamlined and potent as the Legendary Marketer’s affiliate system. It provides not only the backend to function but the training and understanding to master the craft.

The system works with many other common tools in the industry, such as ClickFunnels and GetResponse. With an easy interface, you can start earning commissions in no time.

3. Consistent Updates

The digital age is all about progress and pushing forward with new items and trends. This concept is a core function of Legendary Marketer, keeping your resources evolving with the times.

This makes Legendary Marketer a powerful resource. Unlike the guide books of the past, the digital nature of Legendary Marketer means new content will be easy adds to keep you on your toes. 

There are also constant tweaks and quality-of-life changes made to the interface and the videos themselves. 

4. Reliable Customer Support

With so much information, it is impossible to not have questions. What could break Legendary Marketer is leaving those questions unanswered. Instead, they operate with potent customer service ready to get you answers as you ask them. 

They have a chat desk that you can submit questions to at any time. Even outside of “normal hours”, often there is someone monitoring the chat desk for critical questions.

Cons to Consider

Nothing is perfect, though, and Legendary Marketer is no exception. While there are some complaints to be had, they are minor and with Legendary Marketer’s updates and tweaks, the gap may not be there for long. 

1. Not Every Lesson is Equal

While each lesson is well-made and gives you valuable information, there is a pretty large gap in overall value between some videos.

The big reason for this gap is a lack of complete documents for each and every video. While most come with an Mp3 to download and a document to follow, some do not. 

This isn’t an impossible thing to work around, but given how convenient the additions are and how random their exclusion is, it can be annoying.  

2. Affiliate Program is Not Easy

Instead of a simple application to join into their affiliate program, Legendary Marketer has one more big obstacle for application: the 15-day Online Business Builder Challenge.

You need to complete the challenge to even have a chance to apply and even then there is no guarantee you will get in. Some countries are even blocked from entering altogether. 

This can be fine if you are taking it slow and want to build up your knowledge, but intermediate level online marketers looking to get more resources fast will hit a wall. It does mean that when you do get in, you know it will be less crowded. 

3. Paying for Higher Affiliates

Affiliation to Legendary Marketer is free, after the ebook and 15-day challenge. While possible, this is the bare minimum for the product and does not get you that much.

The Pro plan gets you the highest affiliate commission access and rates. You can earn the full 40% to 60% on the majority of the products. This Pro plan will cost you $29.95 per month.

If you are serious about affiliate marketing, though, the extra cost can be very worth it. If you are dipping a toe in? It can be daunting.

Where to Go From Here

Online businesses are a big responsibility and understanding how to market yourself with them is not easy. Even if you’d prefer to remain a casual online business owner, the market can be fierce.

Finding the right tools is essential. Legendary Marketer gives you a community and lots of resources to succeed, but you need to be willing to put them to good use. 

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Growing Your Digital Business

With Legendary Marketer in your corner, you have a powerful tool and ally toward making your digital business dreams come true. It is easy to pick up and provides a great network of services from the word go.

This is only the beginning. Where Legendary Marketer gives you the foundation to drive forward, I am here to guide you the rest of the way. check out our free training for more information on the next step toward digital success. 

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