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Huge Affiliate Commissions: The 10 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

So you have been in the affiliate marketing game for some time now. You are rapidly becoming an expert at this and know the ins and outs of how to maximize your affiliate marketing potential.

You think you have got it all sorted out – but there is still one more big problem. 

You are not happy with your profits. And it is not because you are greedy! It is because the profit margins are small. You put in way too much effort for such meager earnings. 

You need to find the highest paying affiliate programs to change this.

And don’t worry, I’ve got you covered:

The Highest Paying Affiliate Programs: The Top 10 To Check Out

It is time to graduate to these affiliate programs. Before you do, you have to change your mentality. No matter how good you think you are, you are still stepping into the big leagues. You have to develop the mentality of growing a six-figure online business.

And once you have got that covered, you should sign up for one of (or all of) these 10 high paying affiliate programs:

1. ClickFunnels

Interestingly enough, many of the best affiliate marketing programs are from marketing services themselves!

ClickFunnels is a shining example of this. This is a favorite among affiliate marketers which is why it is on this list. The price to use the service starts at $97 per month. Affiliate commissions are as high as 40%!

So what does this mean? It means that even if you sell the basic service, you will make $38.80 per sale! 

If you have an audience of 1000 means that you have the potential to make $38,800 if they all signed up. The advantage of a high paying affiliate program is that you can make serious money even with a small audience.

Using the ClickFunnels affiliate program can definitely make you some serious income!

2. Amazon Associates

Okay, you may not have expected this one. This is a popular program for beginners and chances are, you may already be using it.

But Amazon Associates are not just for beginners. There are many seasoned affiliate marketers who still use Amazon Associates. It remains a popular option and can even be a great source of income if you do not use a website for your affiliate marketing.

Even though commission rates may not be high, you have the freedom to recommend expensive products. And as a seasoned affiliate marketer, this has to be your focus.

Turn your focus away from cheaper products and move up to higher products. Target niches that are more costly. For example, photography, videography, and audio equipment are generally costly. You can target professionals in these professions and market gear available on Amazon.

If you are successful, you will see how your earnings will rise even with a low commission. The key is not always to have a high commission but to sell the right products.

3. Hammacher Schlemmer

This has a commission rate of 8%. Now before you scream and leave this page, keep reading. As I stated in the previous point, at times you will have to focus on the cost of the product or service, not the affiliate commission rate. 

Hammacher Schlemmer is the longest-running (over 170 years!) catalog service in the United States. As a result, it has a great reputation and attracts high volumes of traffic.

They sell a variety of products ranging from apparel to electronics to home equipment. 

But they also sell some high-end products such as boats and a unique golf hovercraft! These items, along with a few others, are in the five-figure price range. While it is unlikely you would sell a $50,000 boat every day, even one sale a month can bring in some high earnings. 

If you have improved your affiliate marketing skills and know what it takes to build an audience then I would say give Hammacher Schlemmer a try!

4. Legendary Marketer

Here is another great marketing education service that I highly recommend! You should research their products to see how beneficial they are to marketers – old and new.

There are two tiers for affiliate marketers: basic and pro. The basic plan offers a commission rate from 5% to 30%. The pro version has a commission rate from 20% to 60%. 

If you target marketers, other business professionals, or business owners you would do well in selling a great marketing course to them. Legendary Marketer is easily the best one out there and if you convince others that it is, why not make a great commission from it?

5. Liquid Web

There are web hosts, and then there is Liquid Web. Liquid Web is not a web host for the average person. They target small businesses and enterprise organizations. As a result, their hosting fees are far more expensive than the average web host.

And when a product or a service costs a pretty penny, it means that it is a possible gold mine for the affiliate marketer. 

The minimum commission you can make is $150 per sale. And the maximum commission you can make is $7,000 per sale. 

Not only is this a great rate, but selling to enterprise organizations is a niche that is not often explored. This means that your competition is much lower.

You will have to familiarize yourself with the process of selling to enterprise organizations. But as a skilled affiliate marketer, this will not be beyond your scope of talents!

6. Shopify

The very popular Shopify is not just a goldmine for drop shippers and the e-commerce crowd. It is also a lucrative choice for affiliate marketers – though many may even not realize it.

Shopify gives a 200% bounty payment from a customer’s monthly subscription rate. You can also receive up to $2,000 for any Shopify Plus referrals.

The cookie length is 30 days. This means that if someone clicks your affiliate link and signs up within 30 days – even if not directly from your link, you will still receive a nice payment for your referral!

Shopify remains a popular service for anyone wanting to start an online store. If you target anyone in the dropshipping or the e-commerce space, you will want to market Shopify to them. Shopify can also be marketed to anyone looking to make money online as a side hustle or as a full-time business.

7. SEMRush

Any digital marketing professional should be acquainted with SEMRush. And if they are not, that is good news for you! You should be marketing SEMRush to the digital marketer.

Among the features of SEMRush that you can promote are seeking competitor’s keywords (through Search Engine Optimization), analyzing the popularity of backlinks, domain name comparisons, and much more.

Convinced? Well, what will really sell you is SEMRush’s affiliate program. It has a first cookie attribution model. This means that if a customer signs up through your link, cancels their subscription, and then re-joins the service in the future – you will still get paid!

The highest-priced plans can earn you up to $160 per month. If you have 10 signups in one month then you will earn is $1600 for that month. As a seasoned affiliate marketer, you will probably be able to exceed 10 signups in a short period of time.

8. Instapage

This unique service helps businesses create landing pages on their websites. Landing pages are a great way for businesses to build an audience and improve their conversion rates. And by the way, they are also a great tool for affiliate marketers.

If you know how to target businesses, freelancers, or entrepreneurs then you will know how to market Instapage. Among the features that you can promote are the mobile-friendly set up for a landing page, ad-to-page personalization, and over 90 customizable templates!

Now, what is the money like for the affiliate marketer? The commission rate is 50% for the first subscription payment and then 30% for every subscription payment henceforth. The monthly subscription fees for Instapage customers start at $149 per month and go up to $199 per month. 

So if you had one customer sign up for the $149 option and remain subscribed for only two months you would earn a total of $119.20. This is $74.50 for the first payment (50% commission) and $44.70 (30% commission). 

Even if you got only 10 customers who only last two months with Instapage, you would earn $1,192.

A seasoned affiliate marketer will be able to go beyond this. You will be able to sell to more customers, convince them that the product is so great that they remain subscribed for longer, and convince them to opt for the pricier option.

9. Credible

This is an interesting niche to enter. Credible is a service that helps university students find the best loan to pay for their tuition. It also offers a service to refinance loans that the student may already have.

Particularly in the United States, university tuition is incredibly expensive and most students will be on the lookout for the best loan. Credible has earned a reputation for being an easy-to-use resource for students to find the best loan. This is also not a very competitive niche but has a HUGE market.

The commission rate is up to $240 per accepted loan offer. The cookie length is 45 days long so as long as the student signs up for a loan within 45 days of clicking your referral link, you will earn the commission. And there are countless students who would want to sign up for a loan. This is literally a piggy bank!

If you know how to compete with a target market that is not often marketed to, then you will succeed with Credible.

10. Capitalist Exploits

This is beyond the big leagues – this is the major leagues. If you succeed with marketing Capitalist Exploits, your bank account will thank you for it.

Capitalist Exploits is an email newsletter targeted toward investors looking to make big returns on their investments in as little time as possible. It has an unorthodox style of advice and is perhaps not for the average person.

But you will know how to target the maverick investor. And if you convince the maverick investor to sign up for Capitalist Exploits, you will be rewarded handsomely.

Capitalist Exploits has a free version of their newsletter, but you want to promote the Insider newsletter. This is an expensive newsletter for the discerning investor. Your commission rate is 50% and you can earn up to $1,750 per sale. Even one sale a month is sufficient. If you can find a small group of serious investors then you have found the next gold rush.

And the cookie length is 365 days. That’s right! Once your link is clicked, the potential customer has an entire year to sign up for you to earn your commission.

What more could you ask for?

What to Look For

As a final note, I want you to know some quick criteria to consider when looking for a high paying affiliate program. These change regularly and the seasoned affiliate marketer needs to always be on the lookout for the next big thing. 

Here are the criteria to consider:

  • Does it have a high commission rate?
  • Is the product or service priced highly? Especially if the commission rate is low
  • Is the niche popular?
  • Does the niche have huge potential even if it has very low competition?
  • Is the target market a wealthy bunch of folks? (Think Liquid Web or Capitalist Exploits)
  • Is there a variety of products and services available?
  • How popular is the program? 
  • How popular are the company’s products or services?
  • How long is the cookie length?

Ask yourself these questions before hastily signing up for every affiliate program that you come across. You do not always have to match every single criterion, but the more you can tick off the list, the better. You should always have the highest standards in choosing an affiliate program.

Moving on Up!

Now that you know what the highest paying affiliate programs, it is time to stop thinking like a hobbyist – and make this a career. It is time to graduate to the big leagues!

And if you want to continue to maximize your freedom and make money online, keep an eye out for more great content!

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