GetResponse Review: Your Complete Comprehensive Guide

Content marketing is a term that means different things to different people. In today’s world of digital marketing, there are many moving parts that create a far-reaching strategy to engage consumers. 

More small business owners are realizing the importance of having a marketing strategy. At one point business owners were told to get noticed, they needed a website. As time progressed, they were told social media was the way to go. 

In 2020 businesses are competing for the attention of more than 4.9 billion people globally that have access to the internet. Developers are busy developing apps and software like GetResponse to help small business owners compete with large corporations.

These tools can provide tremendous cost savings if someone doesn’t have the budget for a marketing team. 

Apps are cost-effective. They are easy to use. Companies do not require lengthy contracts and they offer support.

There are many marketing apps we can talk about. In this article, we are going to focus on GetResponse, a smart email marketing, and online campaign management platform.  

Keep reading for a complete, comprehensive guide.

Understanding Content Marketing

Businesses rely on content marketing to raise awareness about their product or brand. The different forms include:

  • Blogs
  • Books
  • Emails
  • Graphics
  • Photographs
  • Podcasts
  • Social media posts
  • Websites

These marketing tools are used in various ways to attract a business’s target audience. Depending on the demographics you’re trying to reach, not every tactic will work with every audience.

A business needs to know its audience. It also needs to understand how people will react to their advertising. This includes understanding their buying habits and where they receive information.

There are groups that find information on social media platforms. Another group will search Google to find a business, and there are subgroups that sign-up for email lists. 

As a business owner, if you do not have a marketing team. You’ll need to research what tools are available. You may be amazed at the tools that are designed to do marketing easier.

Why do Business Owners Shy Away From Email Marketing?

When it comes to marketing tools, some businesses believe all they need is a functioning website. Over the past decade, we have seen a steady shift toward social media. The marketing tools the top social programs are developing gives business owners a false sense of this being all they need.

Of all the marketing tools available, email marketing is one that people struggle to make work. Even when businesses master the art of growing strong subscription lists, they can’t get the results they desire.

It is important to note that open rates on marketing emails aren’t all that encouraging to someone who doesn’t understand the process. The average email open rate is 22.9%, with the click-through rate only a fraction of that number.

This is where services like GetResponse come into play. They help businesses maximize the effectiveness of their email campaigns. 

Here is an overview of their products and services which take them beyond the average email marketing service.

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is a platform that offers business what they term as a “complete suite of simple-yet-powerful solutions.” They are email pros that promise to get customers the results they are seeking.

The website provides a list of services. Not all companies will need to invest in every product. It really comes down to the size of the company and its overall goals.

One big plus for the company is they offer 24/7 tech support for their clients. Like most companies, that support comes in the form of email and online chat.

Their enterprise clients are assigned dedicated account managers. 


(Image source: We Rock Your Web)

The company started in 1997 when founder Simon Grabowski launched his first autoresponder. Today it has over 350,000 clients. These range from marketing influencers to brand corporations and partners.

It is a testament that you can succeed at anything.

Based on their long list of testimonials from industry insiders, they have created a product line that is worth giving a try. Here is an overview of their product line and benefits.


An Autofunnel is similar to a sales funnel. The difference is with GetResponse, you’re using emails to move the customer through the process. It is designed for online sales and businesses that have a subscriber list. 

With the Autofunnel, tactics are used which align a string of emails that take the consumer from product introduction, into awareness, and finally closing the sale.

There are various tactics you can use. An example is starting with an email talking about a product. Include a link for the subscriber to learn more. Once they are on your website, entice them to buy.

If they do not, follow-up with an autoresponder email. Autofunnels have proven to be an asset when it comes to turning people into buying customers.

In its review of the Autofunnel by GetResponse, Business Wire states it is the only product of its kind.


Autoresponders are emails that are sent to subscribers based on prior behavior with your content. This requires a clear understanding and knowledge of your customers and how they interact with emails, your social media, and your website.

Here are two examples.

Event Management

Autoresponder emails are used in online event management applications such as Eventbrite. A user registers for an event an email is automatically generated. As the event nears, another email is generated reminding the customer and giving key details to help them prepare.

Following the event, another email goes out thanking the customer for attending and includes a survey. When the client is hosting their next event emails go out to past attendees giving them an early bird special.

Custom Email Lead Generation

Another way the autoresponder works is when you send out a general email to everyone on your list. A customer clicks on a link from an article about a particular product. This is a good indicator they are interested in this item.

The business then has the product-specific emails already prepared for each item in the initial email. Using the click-through reports, every subscriber that clicked on a particular link is sent a second email geared towards their interests.

ECommerce Tools

GetResponse has eCommerce tools designed to increase sales on your website. These tools start with the basics of allowing you to send marketing emails to your subscribers.  

If a customer begins the buying process but ends up abandoning their cart, an autoresponder email can help get them back into the sales funnel.

An email template can be sent to ask the customer if there was a problem with completing the purchase. The email will also pull a condensed version of the product page for the items left in the cart.

If you don’t get a response, a second auto-generated email can go out offering the client a discount on a particular item that was in the abandoned cart. This is an awesome feature to have when you want to move people through a sales funnel.

Email Marketing

GetResponse is for email pros. They recognize the importance of utilizing email marketing in advertising campaigns. Their focus is on creating tools to help businesses create emails people are excited about opening.

The use of email marketing falls under the techniques of creating lead generation. The goal is getting content about what a client is offering in front of their intended audience.

Unlike social media platforms, emails capture buyers in an isolated format. Usually, when people are reading emails, they are not distracted by videos and images or notifications from friends. People set aside times throughout the day to check their mail.

With email, it is easier for someone to share the content in a way that it reaches it’s intended audience.

Key features of GetResponse email marketing include:

  • Multiple Templates
  • Targeted Recipient Lists
  • AutoResponders
  • Automated blog digest
  • Integration with social media
  • In-depth analytics for emails
  • Integration of eCommerce apps

GetResponse pricing for small businesses and brands is quite inexpensive. It’s one of the most cost-effective email marketing plans available for the number of features it offers.

Landing Pages

A common use for landing pages is to get people to make a purchase or register for an event.

Some of the features that lift GetResponse above their competitors is their mobile-response templates. With so many people accessing the internet via mobile devices, this is important.

Next are their built-in image editors. This feature coupled with access to Shutterstock stock images helps users create stylish professional landing pages.

GetResponse offers additional tools that increase open rates and allows for social media integration.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the concept of preplanning your content outflow. It helps businesses better manage time and control when subscribers receive their information.

Your social media staff may work from 9 AM to 4 PM, but statistics show people are more likely to view your email or social media posts at 7 PM. Or you may have an important announcement you want to go out over the weekend.

Whatever the reasoning behind needing automation, it is a great tool to have. It not only allows you preplan content, but it also allows to drop your content at the time it will be most effective.


Webinars are another marketing tool that is becoming a requirement in certain industries. With GetResponse it is part of their premium packages. 

A webinar is a term used to describe a video marketing concept. It can be a live streaming event to market a product or service. 

The value of hosting a webinar is the ability of the host and audience to interact with each other. Technology not only allows for chat forums but also instant messaging. Advanced technology allows the host to bring in guests for anywhere in the world via video teleconference.

Successful webinars are elevated when partnered with landing pages, email marketing, eCommerce apps, and more.

Is it Cost-Effective?

GetResponse offers its packages through cost-effective tiered packaging. There is something for every business level and every budget.

Clients can pay month-to-month or receive savings by choosing an annual plan. Pay for multiple years and receive savings of up to 30%.

Measuring the Return On Investment

Like any investment a company makes, it is important to be able to measure your return on investment. When it comes to digital marketing, any company worth its salt has to provide some form of analytical data.

This data gives customers insight into how the methods they are using are benefiting the company.

The data have to show reach, reception, and response. When it comes to email marketing, a good measure of success is to know your industry’s email open rates, as well as click-through rates. If you are not reaching the metrics you want, you’re not getting a good ROI.

GetResponse not only provides the tools you’ll need to succeed. They also offer targeting metrics to help you set a strategy to reach your goals.

Are You Looking to Get Great Response to Your Online Campaigns?

As you can see, GetResponse is a powerful service to add to your business marketing toolbox. No matter the size of your company, they can help you reach your engagement goals.

With constant changes to marketing models, you want to have a team of innovative thinkers backing the technology you use.

Here at Freedom Influencer, our ultimate goal is to show people how to win at online marketing. Are you looking for more insightful information? Click here to learn more about digital marketing and take your business to the next level.

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