9 Ways to get more youtube subscribers

8 Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube – Proven Strategies That Work!

The YouTube platform has been a source of success for numerous online entrepreneurs. And this success can be achieved by every YouTube content creator, even you. All you need to know is how to successfully grow a YouTube channel. The following 8 tips will teach you exactly what to do to effectively get more subscribers on YouTube.

1.Create And Publish Longer Videos

The most common misconception about content creation on YouTube is that shorter videos are better. And while the thought behind it, i.e. audiences tend to have short attention spans, therefore, delivering your point in the shortest time possible is the most effective way to communicate, makes sense, it is not the best option if you are looking to get more subscribers on YouTube. Yes, people tend to have a short attention span, but that should not translate to shorter videos. You as a content creator should get creative on how to capture and retain the attention of your audience. Don’t worry we will discuss this further in the article.

To successfully grow a YouTube channel you need to create and publish videos at least 10 minutes long. This is important because YouTube as a business thrives on people spending more time on their platform. Therefore, anybody furthering this agenda is an asset to them. Creating longer videos will make your YouTube channel an asset to YouTube and entice them to give your channel a boost in terms of sharing your videos more and ranking them higher.

2. Learn To Strategically Use Video Cards

Video cards: cards that normally pop up on the right side of a YouTube video to suggest another video to watch.

The strategic use of videos cards is very important when growing a YouTube channel. This is because video cards are a creative strategy you can employ to retain the attention of your audience and keep them on YouTube as well on your channel for longer.

To effectively employ the use of video cards on your YouTube channel you need to:
•Get into your back office on your YouTube channel and find out your retention rate across all your videos. YouTube will provide information to help you deduce the median point where viewers watch your videos up to before leaving.
•Once you identify that median time, work on placing your video cards between 30 seconds to 1 minute before the expected time when viewers stop watching your video.

The idea of strategically placing your video cards is to get your viewers interested in the suggested video and have them watch it, instead of leaving YouTube. The goal here is to keep the viewer on YouTube for longer. This will eventually translate to your viewers cultivating longer attention spans, therefore, watching your videos for longer. Also like we said YouTube values channels that further their agenda of keeping viewers on their platform for longer. Therefore YouTube will assist your channel in terms of ranking and sharing, giving you visibility to new audiences.

3. Deliver On Content That Is Proven To Work

In the business world, the belief is that if you copy the success formula of a successful individual, chances are you will attain success. Why? Because you applied a formula that has been proven to work. This is the same case with getting more subscribers on YouTube. Here is what you need to do:
•Identify the 10 most popular channels on YouTube hat either target the same audience or are share the same niche with your channel.
•In these 10 most popular YouTube channels, identify their 10 most popular videos.

This is what you call working smart when it comes to content research and content creation on YouTube. You will have at least 100 videos of varying content that have been proven to work based on popularity for you to craft your own YouTube channel’s content based on.

And we are not saying copy and paste from other YouTube channels, no. We are simply saying find out what kind of content is selling on the YouTube space and deliver on such content with your own unique touch to grow your YouTube channel.

4. Embed Your YouTube Videos On Your Website/Blog

Just like this video from my YouTube channel

If you do not have a website or a blog, it is crucial that you create one ASAP, if you want to get more subscribers on YouTube. The purpose of this blog/ website, if for nothing else, will be for you to create posts about your YouTube videos and embed the videos on these posts. How does this grow a YouTube channel?
a) YouTube recognizes and likes it when video content from its platform is repurposed and shared on other platforms. Therefore, your channel will get a boost from YouTube itself because it considered an asset.
b) Embedding your YouTube videos on a website/ blog exposes your YouTube channel to blog/ website audiences that would have otherwise not discovered your channel on the YouTube platform.

5. Get On Quora.com

Quora.com is a high traffic and high authority question and answer website that can help you get more subscribers on your YouTube channel. Especially if you produce content that is helpful, focuses on tips, how to or answers questions. Which is basically a majority of the content on YouTube other than entertainment and news videos.

To grow your YouTube channel with the aid of Quora.com you should:
•Highlight the questions that the videos you have already published or plan to publish address/ answer.
•Get on Quora.com and find the questions that you have highlighted as well as questions that your content is relevant to.
•Type out detailed and helpful answers to these identified questions.
•Then to drive traffic back to your YouTube channel add the YouTube link to your YouTube video relevant to the question. Or better yet embed the YouTube video to your answer on Quora.com

Engaging in Quora.com will expose your YouTube content to new audiences. And also guarantee a boost of your channel from YouTube because of sharing YouTube content on other platforms.

6. Create and use a custom end screen

Is it possible to entice a viewer to watch the next video on your YouTube channel as they get to the end of the current video? Yes, it is. But no it won’t happen when you just end your video with a salutation and a blank screen. The best way is to use a custom end screen for each of your videos to prompt your viewers to watch your next video.

A simple end screen should transition as your video comes to an end by shrinking the current video playing and allowing the end screen to occupy the larger space. An effective end screen should be customized to at least contain the subscribe button, display the next video and provide a click option to go to the video. This is how you get creative in retaining the attention of your audience to grow your YouTube channel.

7. Reinforce your call to action

You can not get more subscribers on YouTube if you do not ask your viewers to subscribe. It is that simple. Sometimes viewers get engrossed in the video content so much that they forget about subscribing to your channel yet they enjoyed your content. So don’t shy out, always ask viewers to subscribe to your channel. You can do it at the beginning, the end or both the beginning and end of your videos. That constant “subscribe to my channel” reminder is essential in growing a YouTube channel.

8. Be Yourself

Practice practice makes perfect. Everybody’s first experience as a YouTuber is usually nerve-wracking. And yes it will take some time for you to get comfortable, for you to find your own unique style and for you to get the hang of content creation on YouTube. But that is just part of the process.

So as you go through the challenges on growing a YouTube channel, strive to remain true your personal identity and the identity of your channel. Don’t feel the pressure to conform or copy other channels. Just be you, remain consistent and eventually, you will find the right footing and get more subscribers on YouTube.

Most of all, beyond implementing the above 8 ways to get more subscribers on YouTube, you must believe that you are capable of achieving success on YouTube. It is this belief in yourself that will keep you going even when the expected results are not forthcoming. Growing a YouTube channel does not succeed overnight, it takes time. And a positive mindset is wait will sustain you until the success begins to show.

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To your success,

Nathan Lucas
Founder – FreedomInfluencer.com

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